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Sistema Finestre

Our method for creating a new "home" experience

Service Design is the quality protocol designed by Sistema Finestre so that the customer can witness a new home experience: oriented towards beauty, comfort, performance and safety.

Our specialists take charge of every step of the project, executing it carefully and meticulously: from the preliminary phases of consultancy and inspection to the delivery and installation of the product, finally arriving at an accurate after-sales service and, where required, support in the interior design of all the rooms of the home.

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Modern Solutions

Consulting, Inspection, Design

At the heart of a successful project, there is always a real and deep understanding of the customer's needs: it is only from it that it is possible to propose the perfect solutions for every environment.

Modern Solutions

Delivery and Installation

The windows and closing systems chosen are delivered and installed to perfection by our expert installers, who take care of verifying their full functionality in advance.

Modern Solutions

After-sales assistance

Our relationship with the customer does not end with the installation of the product but continues over time with an accurate technical, commercial and consultancy customer care service.

Modern Solutions

Interior Design Support

On request, we also support the customer in designing their home interior, combining the best windows with the most exclusive furnishing solutions signed by the leading brands.

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