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Sistema Finestre

The fundamental pre-service for a successful project

At the heart of a successful project, there is always a real, deep understanding of the customer’s needs: it is only from it that it is possible to propose the perfect solutions for every environment.

For this reason, the Service Design method developed by Sistema Finestre involves three preparatory phases for the supply of the best windows and closing systems.

Preliminary advice allows us to communicate with the customer and collect all the information necessary to identify the best solutions from a technical, functional and aesthetic point of view. This phase is based on open and sincere dialogue with our interlocutor, to interpret not only their needs but also their expectations and desires.

Precision and attention to detail: this is how we take care of the customer

At the end of the initial consultation, our experts are dedicated to the crucial phase of the on-site inspection, whether it is the construction site for a new construction or a pre-existing building undergoing renovation. This is an essential step to evaluate the different possible closing solutions and contextualise them in the spaces where they will be installed, but also to develop the precise and detailed metric calculation that will serve to structure the quote.

Pre-service is also the stage where the customer is shown tests and product samples so that they can experience their excellence first-hand and personally verify their quality.

Once the most appropriate windows and closing systems have been identified, Sistema Finestre forwards the final quote to the customer and, after its finalisation, communicates methods and timing for the delivery and installation of the chosen products.

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