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Sistema Finestre

We stay close to our customers even after the products have been delivered

Our relationship with the customer does not end with the installation of the product but continues over time through meticulous technical, commercial and consultancy customer care service.

We believe that after-sales service is synonymous with professionalism and quality because it offers the customer the opportunity to contact our qualified specialists for interventions after the delivery of the product, advice on the maintenance and care of the closing systems, or simply advice on new solutions to be integrated into the spaces.

With attention and a propensity to listen, we stay close to those who have chosen our excellence, developing a relationship that has virtually no end.

The customer is at the heart of our world

Offering after-sales support is fundamental for those who, as a Sistema Finestra, put the customer at the centre of their world and develop a relationship based on trust, honesty and clarity with them.

Those who choose us recognise the value of always being able to rely on the same company that has followed it step by step in the choice and installation of windows and closing systems: on request, we can schedule product checkups and maintenance with the customer and always offer guaranteed support from both a technical and commercial point of view.

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