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Sistema Finestre

Closing systems that give beauty to your rooms

Sistema Finestre specialises in the proposal of exclusive windows and closing systems for the home, and in projects tailored to the person. From windows to shutters, from interior doors to accessories, our professionals offer only the most advanced products to guarantee absolute quality to each project.

Our mission is to transform closing systems from simple construction elements to real design objects that enhance the home. For this reason, we put the emotions of each customer first by carefully studying the spaces and identifying the solution in perfect synergy with the environment.

Like a tailored dress, our windows are an impeccable synthesis of high-impact aesthetics and maximum functionality. Each creation by Sistema Finestre is the result of an approach that focuses on the customer as a person in their entirety, and that brings beauty to everyday spaces so that living in them is a pleasure.

Sistema Finestre

Our values


It is the basis of our relationship with all customers, and this is reflected in the clarity of our procedures, in the reliability of our promises, and the honesty of our communications.


Our projects and the solutions narrate the commitment, emotion and passion that we dedicate daily to our work.


We are reliable, professional and always available to adapt our proposals to the customer's needs. All our projects are managed with the utmost attention to detail.


We are curious, visionary and constantly up to date with industry innovations: our continuous updating allows us to always offer the most effective and technological solutions.


It is at the heart of all our work because our goal is to make every home beautiful with our locking systems: our projects best match the environments in which they are integrated.